Deena Douglas, Energy Creation Coach

Hey, I’m Deena and I can help
 you achieve the results you want faster, by accessing the power of the Akashic Records to accelerate the Law of Attraction.

Is your energetic vibration keeping you stuck and preventing you from attracting the life you desire?

The unfortunate truth is that far too many people are energetically blocked from experiencing true and lasting happiness because the cause of their unhappiness has not been addressed at its source.

Perhaps you have attended workshops; read books; listened to CDs; meditated; tried affirmations and visualizations; created a vision board; even done meridian tapping… and still you aren’t where you want to be in your life. Maybe you feel like you took two steps forward and one step back (or even one step forward and two steps back).

You are not alone. It's not your fault. You didn't fail them; they failed you.

Many personal growth and self-improvement programs and energy clearing techniques only scratch the surface, and do not address the deep, core causes of your pain, fear and unhappiness — the energetic blockages that have been keeping you stuck; holding you back; and preventing you from attracting what you want in your life.

Here's the #realtruth...

The root cause of all of your unhappiness, pain, fear, frustration, etc. are those energetic blockages — your subconscious, limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Don’t worry. This is good news.

That bears repeating: This is good news…

All it takes is clearing those limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs at their source.

Releasing your energetic blocks is quick, easy and painless when we access the power of your Akashic Records.

Using extremely powerful, yet gentle, cutting-edge Energy Therapy Techniques, we painlessly and permanently release those energetic blockages at their source, so your energy becomes aligned with what you want to attract into your life.

Finally be free from the energetic blocks that have been keeping you stuck in pain and fear! Once these energetic blockages are released, you are free to attract into your life everything you desire.

Where do you start?

The starting point that I most often recommend is the Ultimate 24-Strand DNA Activation™ & Spiritual Response Therapy Clearing, which is the foundation for all of my clearing work. Because my clearing work is done with my Spiritual Team, who works through Spirit, with your Soul and High Self, this work can be done anywhere in the world by distance!

The only question now is: Are you ready to...

If you answered, “Yes,” then click here to get started now!

I look forward to working with you to help make your dreams come true!

Deena Douglas

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My Core Values


I believe we are all one with Spirit. We are all souls who have created this physical experience for our souls to learn, grow and evolve.


Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, consideration, respect and love. Imagine how different our world would be if we all treated each other that way.


I am so grateful that I have been blessed with the gifts of clairaudience and clairsentience that have given my life purpose. I feel it’s my calling to fulfill my passion in my healing work.

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