Imagine Having Your Own Personal Healer, On-Call, to Clear Issues and Challenges As They Come Up for You Every Month…

With the Ultimate Transformation Membership, you’ll have this and much more!

Does this sound familiar?

And while you don’t know what the answer to your problems is just yet… You certainly know what the answer ISN’T.

It’s not listening to podcasts or watching webinars. While podcasts and webinars can be informative and inspiring, they don’t usually bring about lasting change. 

It’s not reading or writing affirmations. Affirmations are a wonderful tool to use – in conjunction with deeper personal growth work. 

And it’s not doing meridian tapping. EFT and other meridian therapies are a great way to dip your toe into energy work. But they are limited to clearing the blocks at are held in our meridians, which are mostly “surface” blocks. They don’t touch the deeper, core blocks that can keep us stuck. 

You KNOW you need support to finally break through whatever has been keeping you stuck, and put an end to the pain and struggle and frustration.

But when you look around for answers to help you, everything you find seems to fall short or disappoint.

What would it mean for you if you could...

Have personal access to an Akashic Records Expert and Energy Creation Coach who can get to the core, root causes of what has been keeping you stuck, and clear them once and for all.

Get just the right amount of support to get you the transformation you desire.

Know that you’re receiving this day in and day out, without having to do anything. 

Imagine how that could help you to make lasting changes in your life.

Well… I have some good news for you, friend.

That’s exactly what you get when you join the Ultimate Transformation Membership!

Transform Your Life with the Power of Your Akashic Records.

How Is the Ultimate Transformation Membership Program Different from Other Things I’ve Done That Haven’t Worked?

Akashic Records Readings have become very popular over the last few years. And that’s very exciting. More and more people are becoming aware of the Akashic Records and how they can help us grow and evolve.

However, the Ultimate Transformation Membership Program takes it even further. We don’t just read your Akashc Records… We CLEAR them.

Every experience we have ever had since our souls were first created has been recorded in our Akashic Records. Whenever we have an experience which is negative, or that we perceive as negative, a limiting program is created in our Akashic Records.

Those limiting programs affect what we experience in our lives. They cause pain and limit what we can manifest in our lives, despite our best intentions.

You may have tried meridian tapping, affirmations, visualization, etc. All to no avail.

But it’s not your fault.

Let me reiterate that: it’s not your fault.

It’s about getting to the root cause of all of the pain and limitation in your life. The root cause is always a limiting program or energetic block in your Akashic Records or Energy Field.

Working at higher levels of consciousness with your High Self and your Soul, we are able to access and CLEAR those limiting blocks and programs – permanently.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step on Your Spiritual Path?

Our souls incarnated to have experiences that help us grow and evolve. Unfortunately, those experiences are often difficult and painful.

But there is good news!

When we clear your Akashic Records, we are able to educate your soul and give it the wisdom it is seeking without having to go through those painful experiences.

However sometimes clearing the Akashic Records is like peeling layers of an onion.

We begin at the surface, peeling away the blocks and limitations. Sometimes we’re able to release all of the layers in a single clearing, yet that’s not always the case.

Often there are many layers to be cleared, especially with persistent issues like money and self-worth. These deeper challenges require more than one clearing, to peel away all of the layers and get energetically aligned with what you want to attract.

The Ultimate Transformation Membership Program gives you personal, one-on-one Spiritual Response Therapy Clearing that will transform you forever, while peeling away the layers of limitations, as issues come up for you.

How does the Ultimate Transformation Membership work?

Here Are the Details of How This Amazing Program Will Serve You…

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Every day, I will check with your High Self to find out what programs are coming up for you, and what needs to be cleared. On-going clearing not only helps to continue to peel layers of the onion, but it also helps you to be more centered, relaxed, focused and grounded.

To clear and balance the Energy Fields of the body.

To coach with me privately, starts at thousands of dollars a month. When you join my Ultimate Transformation Membership Program, you’ll have direct access to me, with my private email address, at a fraction of the cost.

You’ll be able to email me throughout the month with any issues that arise. For example, if you wake up with a sore throat, you can send me an email and I’ll clear whatever is causing the problem and apply healing, as appropriate. If you have a nagging issue you haven’t been able to resolve, or if something is causing you stress, just send me an email, and I’ll research and clear the root cause from your Akashic Records. You’ll receive an email letting you know what type of spiritual clearing or healing work I did for you.

With your Ultimate Transformation Membership, you’ll also receive exclusive special offers only available to members. (Plus, the opportunity to be the first to try new clearing techniques I’m developing!)

“I attribute my continuous good health and vitality to my regular clearing sessions with Deena, and with deep gratitude. Within 24 hours of my session with Deena, unexpected events lead to me getting the impetus to complete the project. It was amazing, and naturally I feel so liberated and very relieved.

Since getting past that block, more exciting opportunities and wonderful surprises have come to me. Thank you Deena, you are truly gifted and inspired. Also incredible that we can do this across continents!”


“I have benefited tremendously this past month from Deena’s Daily Clearing Program. When I say tremendously, I mean TREMENDOUSLY!!!

Right away I felt better. My energy and spirits were high and I remember emailing her and saying how great I felt. My business has picked up; I’ve found a healthy diet that is so easy and suits my lifestyle; I’m more energetic, and getting so many more things accomplished. I’ve been asked for a speaking engagement and money is coming in from unexpected avenues.

There’s more of course, but I think you get the picture of how powerful her work is. I highly, highly, recommend Deena. Stop “thinking” about using her services, and just do. You can only benefit from it as I have. Thank you, Deena.”


Are You Ready to Unlock the Power of Your Akashic Records and…

If so, then the Ultimate Transformation Membership Program has been carefully designed just for you, to continue on your journey towards having more confidence, being more relaxed and attracting what you want into your life.


“Can I just say, I didn’t open the email until now, but as with many of your past Clearings and healings, the synchronicities are astonishing! For example up until recently and everything that culminated over the last month, my head was a mess and so were my surroundings. The apartment was so dirty and messy, I physically felt frail and weak, and it’s as if negativity was sticking to me and I literally had no life force to go on anymore.

However, sometime in the late afternoon/evening, I got a random burst of energy to clean the whole apartment, made it spotless, lit up scented candles (which I’ve only ever done once before, since I moved here), even vacuumed my flatmates room, and the energy was just bliss and the apartment just felt lighter energetically on top of just looking nice. Oh and I don’t wanted to jinx it *fingers crossed* but my thoughts settled (in comparison to most other days the last month) and have been more at bay as well.

And then I randomly go into my emails and see that you’ve responded and a Clearing was done. And pretty much everything matched and especially the ‘Gray Fields’ section, which is exactly how I felt energetically about myself and the home. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ (your Clearing) vibe and look of the apartment btw is literally like a pig’s den and a high end cosy home, and this is before I opened my emails and even knew that you had done the Clearing!

Thank you so much and I’m very grateful for all your help and support. ”


“I want to thank you for your work. After having tried many different tools and practices, etc. to evolve spiritually over the years a part of me was skeptical of noticing any results from my clearing/activations. Some things have worked for me; many have not.

It’s amazing to me that with both of the activations I felt them while they took place. I was always so happy to read your emails afterwards of when they took place to confirm the times I felt these sensations. My head spun in circles lightly, like it does on occasion while I am in deep meditation. Then I felt an inner peace and happiness along with a strong, lovely burst of energy.

My fiance has asked me what has gotten into me lately as I am no longer hiding from parts of my life like I had before.

I am so grateful that I took this leap of faith. You are the real deal. I am so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


It's time to transform...

If this program feels right for you, and you’re ready to join my exclusive Ultimate Transformation Membership Program to continue your commitment to yourself and your personal development, you invest just $497 per month for daily Spiritual Response Therapy Clearing; weekly Spiritual Restructuring Treatments; and personal, on-call Clearing and Healing by email throughout the month.

Note: This is the most economical way to work with me at a fraction of the cost of personal coaching. Plus, when you become a member now, you’ll lock in the monthly price for as long as you choose to remain in the program! That’s a small sum to pay for this life-changing, transformational healing. There is no commitment. You may cancel at any time.

If you are ready to accelerate your spiritual healing and transformation and create a life you love, and this feels right to you, I invite you to join my exclusive Ultimate Transformation Membership Program today!

Fair Warning: Because of the amount of time I devote to the members of the Ultimate Transformation Membership Program, there are a limited number of openings available.

“It took Deena just a few minutes to identify and resolve a problem that I had been unable to impact, although I had tried many approaches over several years. Deena identified the problem as a belief that I would not have considered, yet her words felt true.

As she did the energy work with me, I felt the energy pulling together into a dense ball at the chakra. Then it loosened and bubbled, and finally shifted and released.

The result has been a great lightness and relief from a limiting belief that I had for years without realizing it. I highly recommend Deena for assistance with releasing energy blocks.”


“The morning after my clearing, I noticed an immense calm and compassionate feeling wash over me. All of my [follow-up] clearings have been wonderful and instantaneous. I always know Deena has done my clearing for the day… it’s like an extra boost of goodness. I am very grateful for her wonderful healing services.”


What you get

It’s Time to Transform!

“Thank you for the opportunity to experience DNA activation. I feel a more heightened connection. I could feel your contact with me more pronounced than before. I felt an energizing sensation, then a peaceful calm that made me smile.

I really have to say that I feel at peace this morning. I am more aware of things, more in perspective. It’s more of a knowing feeling. I am not stressing the small stuff, but handling the everyday “issues” at work and home with a renewed energy… and I am not tripping over my tongue as I usually do. There is more of a fluidity to my speech and thinking, like my brain has already shifted into gear before I speak.

I am really looking forward to the development over the next few years of the activations and the awakening that I have already begun to feel.

Thank you Deena for being you and for your gift to the world.”


“Thank you for performing my DNA activation. The process was very interesting for me. I felt you connect with my energy very soon after beginning our telephone conversation. The session was very relaxing and peaceful, as well as fascinating.

Since my DNA activation, my perceptions have increased. I am fairly psychic and in tune with the energies around me, but I have noticed an increase in the visual portion of my perception. My ability to perceive in a very visual way has improved. Prior to the DNA activation, I was most perceptive through auditory and sense methods. I have noticed that if I relax my eyes, I can see the actual energy flows around things.

I am thrilled with the experience I have received thus far, and eagerly anticipate further enhancements to my life and healing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are truly a gift to the world!”


Your Investment:
Only $797 $497 per month

Get everything listed above for just $497/month. Cancel anytime (We just ask you email in 7 days before your next payment is due)


Guarantee: *Once enrolled at $497, you are guaranteed that rate for as long as you remain a member. There is no commitment. You may cancel at any time.

You can be assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within a few minutes.

P. S. Right now, you can join for only $497 per month. Because of the amount of time I need to dedicate to the membership program, there are a limited number of members who can be in the program. If you join now, your investment in this exclusive membership is guaranteed to never go up for as long as you stay in the program. Don’t miss out… Join Now!

P. P. S. Are you interested in working with Deena one-on-one? Contact us here with the subject line saying, “Coach with Deena” for information on coaching with Deena.

Hi! I'm so glad you're here!

Using the power of the Akashic Records, I help people just like you to get unstuck and release the self-limiting blocks that have been holding them back, so the Law of Attraction can finally work for you, and you’re able to you create a life you love.
Deena Douglas, Energy Creation Coach
Deena Douglas
Energy Creation Coach

†The Ultimate Transformation Membership is available in 30-day increments. Your membership will automatically renew every 30 days for only $497 per month, which will be billed to your credit card. Your rate is guaranteed not to increase for as long as you remain in the program. If at any time you wish to discontinue your membership, just send an email to [email protected], and your membership will be cancelled. There is no commitment beyond 30 days. You may cancel your membership at the end of any 30-day period; however, cancellations will not take place during the 30-day period. Please give us at least 7 days’ notice prior to your renewal date if you decide to cancel your membership.