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Enhance the power of the Law of Attraction with these Chakra affirmations

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The 7 Chakras

...are energy centers in the body. In its natural state, our chakra energy flows freely. However, if we have experienced a trauma, our chakra energy becomes blocked, which negatively impacts us and limits what we experience and attract into our lives.

When our chakra energy is clear, we are in energetic alignment and we attract what we want into our lives.

With this beautiful, printable Chakra Affirmations poster, you'll...

Chakra Affirmations Poster

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Using the power of the Akashic Records, I help people just like you to get unstuck and release the self-limiting blocks that have been holding them back, so the Law of Attraction can finally work for you, and you’re able to you create a life you love.
Deena Douglas, Energy Creation Coach
Deena Douglas
Energy Creation Coach

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